Woman pleads guilty to arson after collecting insurance money


Diane Galler appeared in front of Whitman County Judge Gary Libey. Friday she admitted she hired two men to burn down her home.

After the fire destroyed the house it was ruled an accident. Galler collected around $160,000 in insurance money. Months later, a tip was called into the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office saying she paid two men $1,000 each to burn her house down.

She was then arrested, along with the two others involved. Both of those men have since pleaded guilty and sentenced. Friday, Galler entered a guilty plea.

"To count one of the amended information, arson in the second-degree, a class B felony, what is your plea, guilty or not guilty,” said Judge Libey.

“Guilty,” said Galler.

She was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $141,000.

Galler is set to be sentenced on June 29 at 2:00p.m. in Whitman County.

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