Workers build foundation of the First Territorial Capitol Building replica

LEWISTON, ID - Starting Friday morning, construction teams worked hard and fast to put the foundation of the structure together.

The main foundation of the building is being built on cement slabs and a steel frame so that it can be easily moved. Right now it's located on the corner of 12th and Main Street, but once the city approves it's permanent location, it will be relocated to 3rd and Capitol where it originally stood.

Cannon's Building Material Center owner Brad Cannon said he couldn't be happier to be involved in the project.

"We're re-enacting that thing right now and it's coming to life," said Cannon. "So this is a big thing for the community, very positive for the community, and the committee who put this together did a great job."

On Monday roofing will be added to the bare bones of the building. The wood siding, donated by a local family, is estimated to be from the same time period of the original Capitol Building and will be added to the structure sometime next week. The windows and a nine-foot tall door will have to be custom built. Vice President of the Board of Directors Bill Miller expects the project to be finished in about a month.