Working on Labor Day isn't so bad if you love your job

MOSCOW, ID - In Moscow Labor Day was the last day of the year to enjoy the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center.

"The weather's really nice and we have a few people swimming out here today so it's really fun," said Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center Recreation Supervisor Eric Newell.

Moscow kids were able to cool off in the water and burn off some energy before heading back to school Tuesday. But not everyone had the luxury of taking the day off. For Newell, working on Labor Day often means working on his birthday.

"This is my sixth Labor Day being here, so it's just part of it, said Newell. "So I've got three little girls so it's more a matter of coming out and having a good time and enjoying the last day of summer as opposed to 'I'm working on Labor Day.'"

And for the Firefighters in Pullman, it was really just another Monday.

"Like every other day of the year, it's unpredictable," said Pullman Firefighter Reed McPherson. "We could have a couple runs or we could be busy. So far, it's been a little slower than usual but you never know."

Working on Labor Day can be rough. Especially if you have to watch all your friends and family take the day off. But if you happen to love what you do, it's not such a bad deal.

"What's the best part of this holiday?" said Newell. "Well I work it, and I get to come to the pool. So that's the best part of the holiday."

"You know I love my job and I love my coworkers," said McPherson. "So I guess one of the perks of Labor Day is that you get to come and work with the people you enjoy working with."