Workshop shows seniors ways to improve balance and strength

MOSCOW, ID - Wellness experts said that the key to keeping senior citizens independent is keeping them moving, and fall-proofing their home.

Moscow-based non-profit "My Own Home" will host a workshop at the Martin Wellness Center on Thursday to show seniors how to do just that. The center's "Fit and Fall Proof" trainer will demonstrate simple ways to improve balance and strength, even without exercise equipment.

"Well, when we stop exercising, it just becomes a vicious cycle," said Martin Wellness Center Wellness Coordinator Odette Engan. "You know, you stop exercising, the muscles get weaker, and then you're more apt to injure yourself."

The workshop will also include tips on what to do around the house to decrease the chances of a senior falling and injuring themselves...such as eliminating clutter and getting rid of area rugs. It starts at 3:30 on Thursday, it's free and open to the public.