WSU Agricultural Research holds lottery for new apple breed for apple growers

PULLMAN, WA - Washington State University is holding a drawing to pick growers for their newest breed of apples.

You won't be able to purchase the new WA38 breed at your local grocer for years to come, but WSU agricultural researchers are looking for a limited number of small and large growers to increase its planting stock. Agricultural researchers said it's a large, juicy apple with a firm, crisp texture and sweet but tart flavor, similar to a Honey Crisp.

"It maintains that crispness in storage for at least a year," said WSU Agricultural Research Center Director Jim Moyer. "So the apple that one eats right before harvest, say in August, it will be just as crisp as those as they're picked off the tree."

WSU only has a limited number of trees available, and they're holding a random drawing to decide which growers they'll offer licenses to first. The trees will be available for planting in 2017. Only Washington growers are eligible to apply, and the deadline is May 31st. WSU's Agricultural Research Center is also in the process of coming up with an official name for the breed.