WSU already talking about another Martin Stadium addition

PULLMAN, WA - It's only been a couple months since the new press box opened up in Martin Stadium, but the WSU Athletics Program is already talking about starting another large project.

Washington State University is hoping to make another bold move to improve the school's football team. On Friday, the WSU Board of Regents will meet in Spokane and decide if they'll approve the construction plan for a new Football Operations Building at Martin Stadium.

"The Football Operations building will allow us to better train and develop our current players and will be a tremendous asset for us to attract new talent to Cougar Football," said WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos.

KLEW asked some WSU students for their reaction to the idea.

"I'm down," said WSU student Jerardo Andrade. "I'm for it. I enjoy that we're trying to improve our football program, knowing that it's not been that good of a program over the years."

The new five-story facility would include new weight, locker, equipment and training rooms for players, offices for the coaches and meeting rooms.

"Well it will house the entire sport of football, everything that supports it in any way, shape, or manner," said Moos.

"It'd be like putting, I guess you could say, the final ribbon on the package that is WSU Football," said WSU student Semel Muniz.

But this addition comes with a price tag of $61 million.

"I like the idea of attracting better players for the team, but I think that there are better tactics for doing that," said WSU student Julia Vigen.

"I don't know," said WSU student Nicole Frymier. "My first reaction is that's a lot of money. It's good to have good players and it'd be great to attract them, but that's just a lot of money."

WSU said some of the money will come from the premium seating project that was completed in August, and some will come from their contract with the PAC-12 Network.

"And then we're hoping to have bonds issued for the balance of it, and that's what we'll be discussing with the regents," said Moos.

WSU students seem to be for it, if it means they'll get to watch the Cougs win.

"Go Cougs," said Muniz. "As always."

Now, it's just a matter of seeing if the regents have the same attitude.

If the regents approve the idea, construction would start at the end of this football season and last for about 15 months.