WSU combats their 'party school' reputation with Drinking Behavior Forum

PULLMAN, WA - Binge drinking is a concern for colleges across the nation, and a group of Washington State University students is working to understand and combat their "party school" reputation.

Tuesday night, the university's student paper hosted a forum about drinking behaviors featuring campus leaders who shared their perspectives on the issue. WSU President Elson Floyd said there isn't any statistical evidence to prove their student body is drinking any more than other colleges, but he said the Cougs' drinking is often sensationalized by the local media.

"A lot of it is, quite frankly, a function of who and where we are," said Floyd. "The size of this community, and the type of news coverage we receive."

Members of Floyd's "Drug and Alcohol Task Force" spoke about the importance of parental involvement in a college student's life. They said it's never too early to start talking to students about the dangers of drinking, because the students with the highest risk of substance abuse are generally the ones who drank heavily in high school.