WSU credit card purchases examined by WA. State Auditor's Office

PULLMAN, WA - Administrators at Washington State University are keeping a closer eye on their credit card purchases in response to an accountability audit from the Washington State Auditor's Office.

The auditor's office published a report in December examining purchases made on state-issued credit cards of all the state universities. They examined nine-percent of WSU's credit card purchases, which amounted to about $2.9 million. About $28,000 worth of those purchases were deemed "unallowable."

"When we looked at the results for WSU, actually the results were very good," said Washington State Auditor's Office Spokesperson Thomas Shapley. "We had been concerned when we looked at the universities, we might find some serious problems, and we did not."

The unallowable purchases included alcohol and gifts to individuals, such as I-Pads engraved with names. However the allowable purchases only accounted for about 0.1% of the total amount audited.

WSU Executive Director of Business Services, Terry Ely said the university sent out announcements to departments to clarify state-issued credit card policy.

Audits like this are routine and can happen every couple of years to hold government agencies accountable for the use of public resources.