WSU faculty member sustains serious head injury in assault

PULLMAN, WA - A Washington State University faculty member is in critical condition after being assaulted in the Adams Mall parking lot early Saturday morning.

Pullman police found 41-year-old David Warner unconscious with a serious head injury at about 2:00 a.m. on Saturday. He was transported to Pullman Regional Hospital, and then to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane.

"Suspects are three college-age white males, and right now we're hoping that several witnesses will come forward and tell us their version of events as to what happened," said Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant.

Police said Warner was involved in a fist fight, and he was hit at least once. The fight happened between two of the Adams Mall security camera views, so police only have limited footage of the incident. However, they know that a number of people watched the fight, and some of them may have photos or videos of it. Police said that the injuries are life-threatening, and they're asking anyone with information to come forward.