WSU President Kirk Schulz gave State of the University Address

It’s been less than a year since Washington State University President Kirk Schulz was announced as the schools 11th president. Wednesday, he gave his first State of the University Address to students and staff.

KLEW Palouse Bureau Chief, Alex Crescenti has more.

Inside the Cub auditorium on the Washington State University Campus President Kirk Schulz gave his first “State of the University” address. He began with a list of accomplishments they have made during their short time together so far. The achievement President Schulz said he’s most proud of, record enrollment across all campuses for the university.

“Over the last four years, we've increased our applications by 50% and the high school GPA continues to go up,” said President Schulz.

He says not only do they have an academically gifted class, but also a high number of first generation college students. On the recent executive order travel ban, President Schulz pressed that the university stands firm in creating equality for all.

“We remain committed to a family friendly environment that's diverse and supportive for the students, faculty, and staff,” said President Schulz.

During the Q and A portion of the address we asked President Schulz about the recent appointment of Betsy Devos and if he had any concerns.

“I don't think regardless of what happens in D.C. we're going to see a sudden change in our state, in our population and what they think,” said President Schulz.

He ended the speech with an update of the university’s Drive to 25 campaign which aims to make WSU one of the top 25 public research universities by the year 2030.

“It's got to effect positively our undergraduates’ students and we need to figure out what percentage of our undergraduates’ students and involved and engaged in research and scholarship,” said President Schulz.

President Schulz says the university is pursuing two capital funding projects an almost $60 million Plant Science Building and a $38 million Global animal health center which would be phase two of that project. Now it's up to the state legislature to determine on how to fund those projects.

In his speech, President Schulz also said the athletic department, specifically the football team has benefitted from the university’s recent success.

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