WSU students pet animals to relieve stress from midterm studies.

PULLMAN, WA - Over 400 Washington State University students took some time to pet their stress away Friday.

The Whitman County Humane Society brought dogs and cats to campus so stressed out students could take a break from their midterm studying and spend some time with the animals. There were three dogs, two cats and plenty of attention for all of them.

"Before even the event started, we had students waiting outside, just excited to be able to pet the animals and play with them," said WSU Office of the Dean of Students Graduate Assistant Rebecca Liao.

The Office of the Dean of Students got the idea from a university in Canada that did a study on the stress relieving abilities of animals. They say that they'll hold another event like this one for students during "Dead Week" when students are preparing for finals and stress levels are at an all time high around campus.