WSU students send messages of support to Oso mudslide victims

PULLMAN, WA - Washington State University students are sending their support too victims of the Oso mudslide thanks to one caring Coug.

Colby Cavanaugh is a residential adviser in the Stephenson Towers on campus, but he's originally from Arlington, near the area hit by the deadly mudslide. He created the "Cougs for Oso" campaign to encourage students from all over campus to show their support for the victims with a handwritten note.

"When I came back from Spring Break, I kind of felt hopeless over here, that I couldn't be out there helping, I had to be in classes and working here. So I really wanted to be able to have an impact on my community and still help out."

Cavanaugh said he'll send the letters to the city of Arlington on Monday. He hopes the colorful pages and supportive words will brighten the victims' spirits. The campaign started Thursday evening, and over a hundred students submitted a letter within the first couple hours.