WSU students share knowledge of Initiative 502

PULLMAN, WA - Now that Initiative 502 has gone into effect, KLEW decided to quiz some Washington State University students to their familiarity with the law.

"You need to be 21 years of age in order to possess and hold up to 1.4 ounces," said WSU student Renee Maddex.

"Okay, it's either six or two," said WSU student Kate Boothman.

"You can have up to an ounce at a time," said WSU student Blake Jackson.

One ounce of useable marijuana is the correct answer. And students seemed to understand that there's still a no-tolerance policy for people under 21.

"I don't think you can have it," said Boothman.

"You can have an ounce on you, but that's only if you're 21," said WSU student Josh Miller. "If you're under 21, it's still illegal."

Not everyone knew that that there still isn't a legal method of obtaining marijuana without a medical prescription.

"Currently, you have to be 21 and there should be some sort of dispensary, a licensed sort of pharmacist," said WSU student Chris Lee.

"At this point, there's really no legal way to get it," said Jackson. "There will be soon, but there's no tax stamp on any of the baggies yet, or any way you can buy it."

But the students we talked to were all sure of one thing, that pot still isn't allowed on campus.

"Still a closed campus, as far as drugs and alcohol go on campus," said Lee. "And then it's not allowed in the dorms as well."

"You're not allowed to smoke it on campus, even if it's legal if you're 21 and up," said WSU student Jordan Bush.

"If you're in your house, you can have it and smoke it, but as far as keeping it on campus, you can't," said Jackson. "That's still the law."

"Even if you have your green card, you're not allowed to have it, it's just a no go," said Miller.

If you have questions about Initiative 502, you can check out the Pullman Police Departments press release about it on the KLEW News Facebook page.