WSU students stay informed by watching Presidential Debate

PULLMAN, WA - Thursday night Washington State University students crowded into the Compton Union Building on campus to watch the first presidential debate.

"We're the future of this county, so we have to stay informed," said student Conner Guerrero.

"It's actually a sociology requirement because it's going to be on my midterm," said student Kendra Addleman.

"It's what I'm studying and I like watching the guys that are actually doing it right now so that I can learn from them," said student Alex Helsel.

There's no doubt that the debate was very entertaining. The students we talked with paid close attention to the candidates' discussion on college tuition rates and the economy in general.

The deficit keeps getting bigger and bigger, and somebody's going to have to pay for it," said Helsel. "So who's going to be paying for it and how exactly are we going to go about doing that."

Most of the students we spoke with believe that Romney won the debate.

"It was like Mitt Romney knocked out Obama, you know, Obama was just like out of energy," said student Alex Pearl.

But it really depends on who you ask.

"I think that Romney is kind of a brat that likes to interrupt people, and I think that Obama was trying to stay calm," said Addleman.

In the end, everyone seemed to agree that the debate went well. But that doesn't mean that it changed anyone's mind about who they'll vote for in November.

"No," said Hesel.

"Neither side has won me over yet," said Guerrero.