WSU Veterinary Hospital rehabilitates severely dehydrated/traumatized owl

PULLMAN, WA - A great-horned owl was rescued on the Washington State University campus earlier last week, and veterinarians are confident they'll be able to nurse him back to health.

They're calling the owl "Wegner" because he was found in the middle of the road outside of Wegner Hall on Tuesday. WSU Wildlife Veterinarian Nickol Finch said she originally didn't think Wegner would make it because he was severely dehydrated and traumatized.

"We gave him fluids and some vitamins, and we had to do that for like three days and now he's getting to the point that I actually think he might survive and make a recovery and be released," said WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital Exotics and Wildlife Department Head Nickol Finch.

Wegner may look big, but he's actually only a few months old and he could grow larger. WSU's Veterinary Hospital usually tells citizens not to bring in injured animals, but this was an exception because he would have died without medical attention. Veterinarians said they will make sure that he can hunt, and then release him in a couple of weeks.