WWCC students disappointed with low turnout for Veterans Benefit concert

CLARKSTON, WA - The student council at Walla Walla Community College is disappointed with the small turnout at their Veterans Benefit concert which took place on Friday.

15 people showed up to the concert. It's the first time the college held an event like this and even though it wasn't a big turnout, student body leaders said it wont be the last. There were five performers who donated their time Friday night and Jordan Madsen, who's currently a student at the college, said he's happy to do whatever he can to show his support for our veterans.

"There wouldn't even be a country for us to live in if it wasn't for the vets," said Madsen. "They sacrifice quit a lot for us and they don't get much payment in return. So, I think anything we can do to give back to them is a good thing."

$95 was raised at the concert which will go toward helping struggling veterans in our area. If you're interested in donating to this cause, contact Walla Walla Community College in Clarkston.