You need a permit for recreational burning from Pullman Fire Department

PULLMAN, WA - Summer is a season of barbeques and bonfires, but if you're not careful, the fire department might put an end to your festivities.

The Pullman Fire Department put out an illegal open burn on College Hill Friday night. Fire Investigator Tony Nutman said they originally responded to a report of a mattress fire on Monroe Street that was started by cigarette butts. When firefighters got there, they also found an illegal burn about a block away that created a lot more smoke. The damage was minimal and no one was hurt in either fire, but Fire Chief Mike Heston said it's a reminder that if you're going to have a recreational burn, you need a permit.

"Well we just want some control of that," said Pullman Fire Chief Mike Heston. "Because sometime, in the summertime, they start burning couches and a few things that aren't allowed, and leaves. So it just creates nuisance for the neighbors and we want to keep things safe."

Heston said the application process is free. Just stop by the fire station and they'll inspect your recreational fire pit, and put you on a list of approved applicants. Barbeques don't need a permit, but all other recreational fire pits do, and open burning isn't allowed in the city at all. If you're caught with an illegal burn, you could face a $100 fine.