Young boy on bicycle hit by pickup on 16th Street in Lewiston

LEWISTON, ID - A ten-year-old boy is recovering Monday night after colliding with a truck Sunday afternoon.

Lewiston police said a young boy was biking on 16th Street in Lewiston when he failed to stop at a stop sign. The boy was then struck by a Chevy pickup driven by Omar Gomez-Gil.

"And was struck with the front bumper knocked to the curb and then the vehicle partially pulled over him although it didn't hit him with the tires," said LPD Deputy Chief Roger Lanier. "He was transported to St. Joseph Medical Center with head and chest injuries."

Deputy Chief Lanier said fortunately the boy was wearing a helmet, so the injuries were minimal compared to what they could've been. It's not a law to wear a helmet in Idaho, however it is suggested which is why the Lewiston Police Department does give out youth helmets for free.