'Your Chamber Connection' CEO visits valley for chamber membership event

CLARKSTON, WA - The L-C Valley's Chamber of Commerce is putting on its first membership event with the goal of signing up new members.

The chamber has averaged 750 members in the last three years, but Kristin Kemak, the chambers president and CEO said her goal is to get to 1,000 members within the next few years. She said its time for them to grow so everyone's voice will be heard.

That's why she invited Jimmy Cusano the Senior Vice-President of 'Your Chamber Connection.' It's a company that aims to improve memberships for chambers around the nation. Cusano has traveled to 650 chambers so far, bringing in over 50-million dollars for each chamber.

"The chamber is more than parades, fun and fluff," said Kemak. "We actually speak to your legislatures. We met with them 17 times last year, between Idaho and Washington, bringing your concerns and issues to them. The stronger our business gets, the bigger our chamber gets, the louder our voice becomes and that's more impact we can have for you as a business community."

Kemak is hoping to add at least 100 business members within the next two days. Close to 30-business men and women showed up Tuesday but they're expecting a lot more on Wednesday and Thursday. The event runs for an hour starting at 1:15 both days at Clarkston's Event Center.