A coffee scandal brewing between two companies, over a George Clooney look-alike


An espresso company is suing an Israeli coffee company, Espresso Club for using an actor with striking resemblance to Hollywood actor George Clooney.

The disclaimer on the screen warns that the actor, who is grey-haired and carrying what appears to be a Nespresso bag, is not George Clooney. The ad shows the pseudo-Clooney being schooled on the benefits of Espresso Club. Clooney is the face of Nespresso, which is owned by Swiss Company Nestle. The CEO of Expresso Club, isn't worried about the case.

"I understand why they are fighting us, but it doesn't mean they are right and I'm pretty sure they are going to lose this case," said Oren Tal, CEO Espresso Club.

He adds, the commercial doesn't say anything bad about Nespresso.

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