Consumers concerned about gas prices because of Hurricane Sandy

LEWISTON, ID - There have been devastating photos and videos of the damage on the East Coast due to Hurricane Sandy.

That destruction and damage has left many wondering if gas prices will sky-rocket for the rest of the country. AAA Washington, Public Relations Manager Cassie Devaney said that because so many people are stuck in one place to due the damage, there isn't a high likelihood of oil shortages in the near future.

"A few East Coast refineries shut down in anticipation of Sandy," said Devaney. "We expect demand to be down in that area with millions of motorists home. With demand likely to go down, there shouldn't be a nation wide impact."

Devaney said Hurricane Sandy is impacting an area that is more of a consumer of gasoline rather than a producer. According to, the average price for gasoline in the state of Washington is $3.76 and in Idaho it's about $3.77.