Government officials question Gitmo Bay detainee release to foreign countries


We have an exclusive tonight from our new sister news organization called Circa News, in Washington. Ammunition in the fight against President Obama and his push to close Guantanamo Bay.

As he stays the course, classified reports show government leaders were warned before releasing detainees at Gitmo - that they would return to terrorism.

Correspondent Joecie Sterman has details from Washington.

Guantanamo Bay detainees released from Gitmo and ready to return to the battlefield despite warnings to the Obama Administration. That's the bombshell coming from a letter sent by the Chairman of House Foreign Relations Committee to Secretary of State John Kerry.

It details classified reports dating back to 2013 that show several countries receiving freed terrorists did not have adequate safeguards in place to keep them from returning to terrorism or helping with future attacks.

"The President is committed to taking all of those people out of Guantanamo and closing it, even if it puts Americans at risk," said Representative Dana Rohrabacher.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher first raised questions in March, about whether countries were prepared to handle the risks associated with returning detainees.

"Has the Defense Department ever sent someone to a country, knowing that that country was unable to keep control of that person?".

"No," answered Lewis.

But the reports mentioned in the May 16 letter obtained by Circa News, detail derogatory assessments of countries where prisoners were transferred, some before the detainees were released.

Now Rohrabacher and others are questioning why detainees were let go, without critical safety requirements in place.

"We can see Americans were put at risk," said Rep. Rohrabacher. "There were all kinds of reports, secret reports. They indicate a number of these people would end up killing Americans."

Recent congressional testimony shows at least 30-percent of Gitmo detainees released under the Obama Administration have gone back to lives involving crime or terrorism.

The Director of National Intelligence reports 118 of the 676 former detainees released under both Obama and President Bush have returned to terrorism. That includes former Osama Bin Laden aide Ibrahim Al Qosi, in the Sudan.

"Unfortunately there have been Americans that have died because of Gitmo detainees," said Paul Lewis.

In his letter Chairman Royce also questions state and defense department officials who told Congress they were unaware of countries unable to keep control of released detainees. A direct conflict with those classified reports. The chairman says it's difficult to view their testimony as anything other than an effort to conceal the truth.

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