New sport Bubble Ball Soccer is spreading quickly across the U.S.


There's a new sport popping up everywhere, from kid's birthday parties to social media. Players aren't just having a ball, they're wearing one too!

Mark Albert explains.

When these players face off they get knocked off their feet. It's a new sport called bubble soccer and it's a big hit.

'"It's hilarious this is actually a great game if this was a league I'd be for sure signing up for it," said Steven Sergerlin.

After seeing it on social media, Steve Segerlin got a team together.

"They have these videos of people getting knocked out and who doesn't want to do that on a Saturday," said Segerlin.

Like traditional soccer, the goal is to get the ball in the net - although at times it looks less like soccer and more like bumper cars. Despite appearances organizers say it's mostly injury free.

"They get up laughing and it's just no holds barred going at it," said Ryan Schuman, BubbleBall MD.

Ryan Schuman and John Millhausen bought their first bubbles in 2014 and now average 30-40 rentals a month.

"We've had eight-year olds up to 80-years olds play, we've done corporate events kid parties," said John Millhausen, BubbleBall MD.

Playing soccer wearing 20 pounds of plastic not as easy as it looks. This one's pretty see through, but not all of them are.

"It's impossible you can't see anyone I was identifying my teammates by their shoes that's about all you can do," said Jake Rasmussen.

"The balls are very hot you can't breathe in them all your heat is retained by them it's like being inside a thermos," said Segerlin.

The short bursts of play give everyone the chance to catch their breathA crash course in fun, bubbling up in cities across the country.

BubbleBall MD starts rentals at ten bubble balls for about $300.00 for an hour, which is enough for ten to 20 people to play the game.

Bubble soccer was invented in Europe a few years ago and is now spreading quickly throughout the U.S.

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