Wheel malfunction causes emergency landing at local airport

LEWISTON, ID - A pilot and his dog walked away from an emergency crash landing at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Thursday morning.

The plane circled the tarmac before attempting to make a smooth belly landing on the runway, after the pilot discovered a malfunction that disabled the wheels from fully extending. The plane skidded on it's belly before quickly coming to a stop. Eye witness Jim Otey said he and a group of bystanders were nervous for the pilot as they watched.

"We are all agreeing he did a beautiful job considering the circumstances," said Otey. "The wind was not exactly on line with the run way but he did a perfect job of setting it down."

There was minimal damage to the plane and no one was injured. The pilot has yet to be identified, however airport authorities told KLEW News that he and his dog were uninjured.