Denver news anchor blasts lazy viewers for boring snow photos

When the snow starts flying, newsroom inboxes, Twitter, and Facebook feeds fill up with countless gorgeous photos of our winter wonderland.

And then, there are some... not-so-gorgeous ones. It's OK, we usually just choose the best to showcase and move on.

But in Denver, where it admittedly snows a little bit more than other places, one news anchor took to the airwaves to say he's had it with the endless photos that just show snow piling up on viewers' patio furniture.

"Yes, everyone's impressed with your four-piece furniture set. We saw it at Costco too," KUSA anchor Kyle Clark said, tongue planted firmly in cheek (maybe?)

Clark goes on to say, rightly so, that Colorado is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth and yet instead of exploring their winter-land beauty, people are just taking the easy way out by snapping a pic out their window and sending it in.

So next time you're in Denver and it's snowing -- save the patio furniture shots.

Now, if Clark can also go into those "ruler in the snowbank" photos...