Palm Beach Zoo animals secure amid hurricane

More than 500 animals who live at the Palm Beach Zoo have been secured to keep them safe during Hurricane Matthew, a zoo spokeswoman said Thursday.

According to information posted on the zoo’s website about animal safety during the storm, all of the animals have been moved to hurricane shelters throughout the 23-acre property, including the Animal Care Complex, the zoo’s largest shelter. The zoo is closed at least through Friday due to the hurricane.

Spokeswoman Naki Carter said the zoo’s six-person “Ride-Out” team, which includes veterinary and keeper staff, is stationed in the Animal Care Complex to wait out the storm. The team will make sure the generators keep running, attend to the animals’ welfare, and perform the first post-storm safety checks along with assessing any damage to the zoo grounds.

The zoo has said it currently has about 10 days’ worth of food on hand. It has almost a month’s worth of food for its tigers, panthers, and jaguars, and has scheduled deliveries.

Track the storm live here.

Click here for information on storm shelters, and a list of closings.

Hurricane preparedness information and evacuation routes can be found here.

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