Woman fires shotgun blast during gun control argument

ALOHA, Ore. -- A woman who was taken to jail on Friday after firing a shotgun blast into a wall during an alcohol-fueled argument over gun control, police said.

Washington County Sheriff's Office Lt. Bob Ray says no one was hurt but a neighbor's nearby house was damaged.

Officials say Susan Fleming argued with her 55-year-old boyfriend Friday night after learning he had brought his loaded 12 gauge shotgun into their Aloha home. Part of the argument included a discussion on gun safety, including how to properly handle a loaded firearm.

Police say Fleming intentionally fired the shotgun and blew out a hole in a wall about the size of a softball. They say she wasn't trying to shoot her boyfriend, who was in the room.

Sierra Hungate, who lives next door, said she heard a loud noise, but didn't realize it was a gunshot.

"I was just sitting on the couch watching TV and I head a 'boom,' and I thought maybe something was knocked over upstairs," she said. "It wasn't until the next day when the cops showed up that they told me that she had shot off her gun that I realized that's what I had heard."

Fleming was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail. She faces charges of unlawful use of a weapon, menacing, recklessly endangering another person and criminal mischief.
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