2013 marks the 56th NAIA World Series

LEWISTON, ID - Teams travel the distance year after year for the chance to be NAIA World Champions.

This year marks the 57th annual World Series event, and Lewiston's 22nd time hosting. Embry-Riddle travels almost 3,000 miles to compete for the highly sought after title. And while the team from Daytona Beach Florida are all in agreement that it would be nice to have the Series a little closer to their fan base, they also say that they're pleased with what they're seeing as well.

"The views excellent, the people here are friendly, everyone in the hotel is nice," said Embry-Riddle pitcher Ronnie Lozada. "It's just overall a good experience so far."

"Can't really complain about anything and the people their pretty awesome too," said Embry-Riddle pitcher Dylan Demarest. "Wherever you go you get applause and people asking for autographs. It's a great experience."

Embry-Riddle has yet to win a championship, despite this being there 12th appearance, something the Eagles are hoping to change this year. Embry Riddle will play in a loser-out game Wednesday.