A picture is worth a thousand words but true friendship is priceless

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Welcome to KLEW Sports, I’m Dyuce Woodson. As the old saying goes, the world is smaller than you think, for two local baseball players that phrase is a reality. Take a look.

Jackson Fuller and Jaden Phillips are buddies. They grew up together, always sharing the diamond, including this past summer playing for the LC Twins.

“We were ten when we first met each other,” said Phillips.

“We had a travel team called the Titans and we picked up Jaden and we started playing together,” said Fuller. “Played throughout junior high and the high school season.”

Although they did meet when they were ten, playing little league, that wasn’t their first interaction.

Almost anyone from the LC Valley will tell you that the Lewis-Clark State College baseball team is a force to be reckoned with. With all the championship team photos on display, only this feature kids.

It just so happens, the duo took this photo together, but they didn’t know each other at the time.

“We just thought it was really special that me and him are out there on it and we just didn't know each other back then, we didn't know that we would end up becoming best friends,” said Fuller.

What they do know now...

“We're playing at LCSC,” said Fuller and Phillips.

Making this a surreal experience.

“It's a dream come true,” said Fuller. “Honestly, it feels, it feels awesome because Jaden's always been there for me and had my back and just know, just knowing that we're going to college next year and he still has my back, it's a pretty good feeling.

From Lewiston High to Lewis-Clark State College, the two will get to share the diamond for four more years. And of course they have a big goal in mind.

“Win a national championship,” said Phillips.

“Get another picture together on that wall,” said Fuller.

The Twins are currently playing in the Missoula Tournament this weekend in Montana.

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