Brotherly Love part 2


Anyone familiar with Vandal football knows the Linehan legacy runs deep.

"They've been so many family members that have come through this school,” Matt Linehan said.

“There was just a tradition here unlike anything else in our family."

Brothers Matt and Mike Linehan are second-generation Vandal football players.

Their father, Scott, played quarterback for the Vandals in the mid-80s.

Scott set multiple passing records, but…

"I've already broken most of his records to be honest with you," Matt said.

Although Matt has broken or surpassed his father for school passing records.

"He's really proud of me, and um, I'm real happy to be his son and be able to represent the number 10 like he did."

But, Mike isn’t the only defensive player in the family.

Scott’s brother’s Rick and Ron, played on the defensive side of the ball in the seventies.

But, Mike says, growing up with offensive minds, only benefits him.

"I ultize that in a way so I can understand offensive concepts."

Even though Mike’s on defense, their father raised at least two signal callers.

"Taking command of the defense is the same way the quarterback does. We're the quarterback of the defense. As they say, so I learned that way."

Now that they’ve followed in their dad’s footsteps on the team, they say it’s more than likely, they’ll also follow in his coaching path.

"Absolutely, Absolutely. I think that's something we've both considered... since a young age... we've both known that coaching's down the road and that's something we're gonna attempt to do.

Matt said, that he’s a little too young to think about continuing the legacy. But that’s something that would be nice, according to Matt

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