Coach Leach gives opinion on a college football playoff system

PULLMAN, WA - College football fans, prepare to say goodbye to the BCS as we're a year away from the college football playoffs.

Starting in 2014, we will for the most part get rid of the disappointment of seeing a team that possibly deserved to but didn't get into the national championship game by adding a playoff system to college football.

The current bowl system uses many factors that are generated by a computer, leaving out teams that believe they should have had a chance to play for the title. Starting next year, we will see a four team playoff that will crown a national champion, something Cougars coach Mike Leach has always wanted.

"Been in favor of it from the beginning, been in favor of it for over 15 years," said Leach. "I've always been very vocal about it. I think they have a mini playoff now and they're kinda dipping their foot in the water, I think they'll like the way it is. I think they'll expand it, is my prediction. Despite the fact that there's a lot of money, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun for everybody. I think the least amount of teams it should be is 16 and and I'd be in favor of 64."

64 teams would seem like possibly too many, but don't discount it when it's coming from a football genius. We'll hear a lot more on this subject in the future.