Cougar Coach would like every game played at Martin Stadium

PULLMAN, WA - When you have a team with a lot of confidence, in the end, it doesn't really matter what venue you play in.

The Washington State Cougars are on the road once again this week, and as beneficial as it is for a team to be playing at home, the Cougs won't have that chance for another week. This Cougar team has a lot of confidence in Head Coach Mike Leach's second season at the helm, so no matter where they play, they still feel like they can win...but if Leach had his way, the Cougar faithful would have a place to go every Saturday!

"Southern California is a nice place to have a game, this whole conference...every where's a good place to have a game," said Leach. "The best place as a matter of fact as it comes to mind is Martin Stadium here in Pullman, Washington is the best place to have a game. If we could have every one of them here as far as I'm concerned we ought to."

Unfortunately, every game can't be played at Martin Stadium, as nice as that would be for everyone in the area. The Cougar Football team will be playing taking on USC in the coliseum surrounded by the palm trees of Southern California this Saturday with a 7:30p.m. kickoff.