Cougar Football Complex Tour part 1

PULLMAN, WA - The Pac-12 has become one of the biggest, powerhouse conferences in the nation, and with that recognition came a huge television contract worth millions upon millions of dollars.

One of the recipients of some of that money is Pac-12 member Washington State University, who made a huge investment into their athletic future. We now take a look at part one of our Cougar Football Complex tour.

Well hey everybody, it took almost a year and a half but it's finally done...the Cougar Football Complex is ready to go, let's take a look inside.

If you've got a $61-million budget and plenty of space, this is just one of the things you can buy. A state-of-the-art athletics facility built to attract the top-tier recruits and take the best care of current athletes.

The media was introduced to the Cougars new football complex on Tuesday, and we were lucky enough to have Wazzu Athletic Director Bill Moos as our tour guide. First stop was the underground where uniforms and equipment are taken care of...huge industrial washers and dryers take care of hundreds of pounds of laundry in one load. Then we saw one of the most beautiful areas that would convince any recruit to sign on the spot...the locker room. At 11-thousand, 610 square feet, it more than doubled the size of their old locker room. Huge lockers, a whirlpool, gigantic bathroom, and much more. We even had a special guest as Cougar linebacker Darryl Monroe showed up to the party.

"When you come in here, you just want to win, you smell victory, you know, it's class," said Monroe. "You want to be nothing less than the best for everything that Bill Moos and Coach Leach has done for us, you know."

Then came a special moment. ever wonder what the Cougars see when they run onto the field on game days? It will look something like this from the new facility...only with less reporters. The Cougs will no longer have to come from a different building to get to Martin Stadium's field, but right out the door from their locker room.

Next up was the new weight room, an eleven-thousand, 153-square foot area designed to immediately put the Cougs in beast mode, equipped with a smoothie and snack bar, a spring loaded ground for throwing weights around, and enough workout stations to keep an army huge.

"This is where football teams are made...right in here, and right out there," said Moos.

Now make sure you stay tuned for part two Thursday where we'll see the new training room, Coach Leach's office, where the athletes will eat, and even hear from quarterback Connor Halliday. All that and more in part two.