Cougar Football Complex Tour part 2

PULLMAN, WA - Wednesday we began our introduction to Washington state's newest toy where Cougar athletes will be treated like rock stars.

Thursday, we finish up with part two of our tour...let's get back into the new Cougar Football Complex.

We next stopped by the Washington State Hall of Legends, where several thousand students will walk by on a daily basis to see Cougar football players who made an impact on the program at some point in history.

Now for athletes who may have sustained an injury or just need some treatment, they shall receive only the finest treatment at the new six-thousand, 528 square foot training room. Doctors and training staff will be around most hours of the day to put the elite back into Cougar athletes who may be hobbled for whatever reason.

Joining us at that point? Quarterback Connor Halliday...standing next to a giant Connor Halliday. As for where the Cougs will be watching film? A brand new auditorium with two huge projector screens and several white boards for coaches. Student-athletes might be most excited for this...the Gray-W-Legends lounge, where they'll be able to eat very well at almost any time with meals prepared by a staff led by two European chefs and a full time nutritionist.

Our last stop, the coach's level, and as you see right here, Coach Leach's office. In total, the coach's area has been more than doubled and now sits at seven-thousand-919 square feet. In the end, the facility is over 84-thousand square feet, and cost just under $44 million in construction cost.

"I can't quite express the feelings, but you know, this is head and shoulders above anything I've ever seen," said Halliday. "And I'm just so thankful I get a season to play in it."

"When you're here, it's're in that football zone where you go from the locker room to the film room to hang out with the coach," said linebacker Darryl Monroe. "This place should be like paradise for a football player who wants to better himself and be successful. So I think it's gonna have a great impact and I'm just excited to go through a whole season in this place."

A big, beautiful investment that Cougar players, coaches, and fans will hope to see pay off within the next few years.

Cougar athletes should be able to start making use of their beautiful new complex when they begin returning from summer break.