Cougars temporarily relocate due to construction

PULLMAN, WA -The Washington State University Cougars will be in Lewiston Friday for about a week as they begin their preparation for the season.

Much of their stadium and surrounding buildings are currently under construction, which has forced the Cougs to temporarily relocate before the season.

They will be practicing at Sacajawea Junior High School while staying in the LCSC dorms. Head Coach Mike Leach looks forward to the change of scenery.

"Well, the biggest thing, we've got a little construction here and so it gives us good opportunity to go out there, focus in, get our work done.," said Leach. "Thought it was nice, should work out good."

The Cougs will be in the area for approximately ten days so don't be alarmed if you see some potential future NFL stars walking around the Valley over the next few days.