Despite WSU loss to Stanford Leach still sees progress

PULLMAN, WA - As for the Washington State Cougars who were taking on No. 5 Stanford in their annual Seattle game, things didn't go as well for them.

Let's start out where things get scary. Third quarter, the Cardinal up 17-3, WSU quarterback Connor Halliday takes the snap, lobs up a pass and gets drilled by Trent Murphy, and is then picked off by Jordan Richards whose got some moves...flies into the end-zone for the pick-six, and Stanford goes up 24-3. It gets worse though,Halliday stays on the ground after that hit, eventually gets off the field. But as we can see here, he later comes back into the game, throws a short swing pass and is in serious pain. He would leave the game and didn't return.

Third quarter still, Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan finds a wide-open Michael Rector for the 45-yard touchdown strike...Stanford up 31-3.

With Halliday out for the game, in comes backup Austin Apodaca for the Cougs, and a big miscue for him as his pass is snagged by the man who put Halliday out of the game, Trent Murphy, who would return this for a 30-yard touchdown...Cardinal up 38-3.

Fourth quarter now, Stanford has got a lot to look forward to with this young running back who you may have heard's Barry Sanders Junior who makes a nice cut and is gone for the 22-yard touchdown.
And unfortunately, this one isn't close as Stanford blows out Washington State 55-17. Despite the loss, Head Coach Mike Leach still sees progress.

"I think we're a more focused, tighter unit now," said Leach. "We're a work in progress and we have a ways to go but, we just need to continue to get better. So from here on out, every team we play is a great team so we just gotta' get better and play better and steadily improve. I'm happy with our effort to do that we just gotta' get better as quick as we can."

The Cougars will hope to rebound this Saturday as they travel to the golden state to play California with a 1 p.m. scheduled kickoff.