Each week will be different captains for Vandal Football games

MOSCOW, ID - Well, we're not quite sure yet who will be the captains for the University of Idaho Football team because of Head Coach Paul Petrino's mentality on the subject.

In fact, despite having a good idea who will be starting at quarterback for the team, Petrino said that will be a game-time decision as well. As for the captains, this year will give Petrino a good idea as to who is going to show the most leadership throughout the season so eventually he can find some permanent captains.

"I'm not gonna' have captains for the whole year this year, I don't think we're ready for that," said Petrino. "Next year we will, this year we're going to have captains each week. So we'll have captains for the game each week. We had a leadership council this summer but we're probably get guys from that but each week it will be different captains. I just think they'll do a better job if the pressure's on them, just ok you're gonna' lead your tail off this week and then next week it's gonna be a different guy and so it'll just be different guys by week."

The Vandals are in Denton, Texas as they prepare to take on the North Texas mean green Saturday with kickoff set for 4 p.m.