First spring Vandal scrimmage initially was dominated by defense

MOSCOW, ID - The Vandals played their first game situation of the 2014 season on Saturday.

The University of Idaho Football team played in scrimmage number-one of the spring as the offense took on the defense in their first full-contact action of the year.

The offense wound up tallying 20 touchdowns in the scrimmage that initially was dominated b the defense. Josh McCain, the Vandals quarterback turned receiver, caugh eight passes for 218 yards and five touchdowns, while Deon Watson and Dexmon Epps both had 11 catches with Watson covering 199 yards and Epps 147.

Defensively, eight players had double-digit tackle games. So the question is who won?

"It kinda went back and forth, you know?" said Head Coach Paul Petrino. "I would say with that many touchdowns you'd probably have to say the offense. But then there was times the defense got after them pretty good."

"I feel great, I feel the defense is moving in the right direction, everyone is flying around," said Linebacker, Marc Millan. "We got a new identity so it feels good."

"Yeah, I think we won," said Receiver Jacob Sannon. "I mean, it's pretty even but I think we came out on top."

As expected, both sides think they won. The Vandals practice Tuesday and Wednesday and will next scrimmage on April 19th.