Gabe Marks proves to be WSU #1 pass catcher

PULLMAN, WA - When Mike Leach came to Pullman over a year ago, Cougar fans knew that their aerial attack had the potential to increase ten-fold.

But to do that, you obviously need a good quarterback and some amazing receivers, and the Washington State Football Team looks to have solidified their number one pass-catcher in Gabe Marks. In Wednesday's team-portion of practice, Marks came down with three touchdowns in a span of about five minutes. On a leadership note, he was also the first one to congratulate any other teammate who scored as well. If there is anything Marks isn't lacking, it's confidence.

"I'd like to think I'm the best receiver in the world, so I mean that says enough right there," said Marks. "I'm very competitive so I'd like to think I'm the best at whatever I do. 19 tries to challenge me on the catch chart sometimes. But he doesn't win."

Marks always keeping his sense of humor as he takes a shot at fellow receiver Chris Featherstone as he walks by. The Cougars team will compete in their second scrimmage of the season Friday at Martin Stadium.