LCSC Athletic program show appreciation with NAIA Volunteer Social

LEWISTON, ID - Even though it may look like the Avista NAIA World Series has hundreds of employees, a majority of those people are actually helping out for fun.

Go Warriors is right, that right there was just a few of the several hundred volunteers that were honored at the annual Volunteer Social at LCSC. These helpful people of all ages will help out in any way they can at the 2014 Avista NAIA World Series. And just like all volunteers, are doing it out of the kindness of their own heart and for the love of the valley and the Warriors. Oh, and of course a t-shirt to wear while they take down a delicious free lunch. Members of the school and volunteers love this event.

"It's just a little way for us to give back for all the people that donate their time, money, and effort to the tournament," said LCSC Associate Athletic Director, Brooke Cushman.

"Yeah it's a great time," said LCSC Athletic Director, Gary Picone. "This is kind of the official kick off. Once we do the Volunteer Social it's kind of like it's time to go."

"It's fun and I love it in here and people are friendly," said 14-year series volunteer, David Walker.

"I love the kids and I love baseball, and I enjoy getting to meet all these new people from all over the United States," said 21-year series volunteer, Kay Williams.

Without these guys and girls, the Avista NAIA World Series wouldn't be possible...the valley thanks you all!