LCSC Golf Teams' claim victory

LEWISTON, ID - Both the men's and women's golf teams for LCSC have claimed conference championships, and their coach couldn't be happier.

LCSC Golf Team Head Coach Paul Thompson guided the men and women Warriors to victory on the course in the less than stellar weather in Missoula, Montana. A few members of the men's team reached the championship round two years ago, while the last women's team to reach that mark was back in 2009, meaning this is a whole new group of women going to nationals.

"We feel really good about it given the weather conditions," said Thompson. "We felt that our kids really hung in there. It got a little bit, scores got a little bit higher as we went but we had enough of a lead through from first round to kind of carry us through."

The Men's National Championship will be held on May 14th through the 17th in Salem, Oregon, while the women will play out on May 21st through the 24th in Lincoln, Nebraska.