LCSC Golf team has almost completely revamped their roster

LEWISTON, ID - While some LCSC students return to school after a summer of recreational golf, some return to compete.

The Lewis-Clark State Golf team is returning to school with their season beginning on September 15th. Last season, both the men's and women's golf teams were extremely close to national titles, having both made it to the championship tournament. Now with several new recruits, Head Coach Paul Thompson will be challenged with adjusting his new players to the college level.

"I've gotten at least eight to ten players at least that in high school shot really good rounds," said Thompson. "But they were the number one player in that whole tournament, where as when they get to college, you've got multiple guys that are hitting the ball past you, and it just kinda' gets into their game."

The Lewis-Clark Golf team tees off September 15th at the fall kickoff in Kennewick, Washington.