LCSC Warrior team visit Centennial Elementary School

LEWISTON, ID - With only three days until the 2014 Avista NAIA World Series, the teams are doing what they can to give back to our community.

And that includes the Lewis-Clark State Warrior Baseball team who visited Centennial Elementary School Tuesday morning. It's become a tradition to have world series teams visit area schools all around the valley a few days before the games start, and it's something the kids have grown to love.

The students smiled as they asked the players questions, laughed at many of the stories they heard, and glowed with excitement when they received Warrior baseball cards. It's an event that is truly appreciated every year.

"It is so wonderful to know that they are involved in their community and that that association has spread and so you just take one piece and it's just like a ripple effect," said Centennial Elementary Adviser, Theresa Du Chemin. "And so it's just so wonderful, wonderful aspect that all of these students as well as the ball players can enjoy."

On a superstitious note, seven of the last ten teams that specifically visited Centennial Elementary School have gone on to win that year's world series, not predicting, just stating the facts.