LCSC Women's Volleyball wraps it up for the season

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewis-Clark State Volleyball team just wrapped up their 19-13 season, and though things didn't end the way that they had hoped, their spirits are still high.

Let's check in one last time with 2013 LCSC volleyball.

The LCSC Warriors volleyball played a great season, making it to the Frontier Conference tournament as the three seed last weekend, only to unfortunately be knocked out in the second round by conference foe Rocky Mountain.

"Well, going into it, we knew it could have been, potentially our last match so we wanted to go all out," said LCSC Volleyball setter, Ali Hubert. "And I think the very last set of the game was crazy good, we all played really well and bonded together but unfortunately we didn't win."

"Just to see that we could have won it, you know, got to their hearts a little bit, but I'm proud of how they finished and how they competed," said Head coach, Latoya Harris.

One of the toughest things for coach Harris to do this season...say goodbye to her seniors.

"Oh that was the hardest thing...because the seniors that we have basically came my first year here," said Harris. "And I got to see them grow up and mature tremendously, and to see their roles change throughout the years. It was if I was losing my daughters, and so it was hard for me to not see them finish and not continue on. But to see their growth, and the purpose of the volleyball program, not just to play volleyball, but to see them continue to grow and turn into strong young women and grow into members of society, it's just exciting to see so I'm proud of them but absolutely going to miss them"

We found out how much diversity can play a part in team chemistry.

"Team chemistry was really good," said Hubert. "We have a lot of different types of people. We have some foreigners so we all got along pretty well, so the diverse personalities are the best."

The best part about this team?

"It has nothing to do with volleyball, it's the outside stuff...the fun activities they did during downtime," said Harris. "The fun rides on the bus, the scary movies we watch and we try to scare each other, I'd even scare players and they'd scare me back. It was those moments that we can remember and not just pass set hit or the matches, so had a blast, they were a fun group."

Coach's final thoughts on the 2013 Warriors volleyball team.

"I'm just happy with the group of young ladies and just ready to recruit hard and get ready for the next year but this group is unique and you can never replace that," said Harris.

Congrats to the LCSC volleyball on such a fantastic season...I truly enjoyed covering you all, and can't wait to see the team next season!