Mike Leach gives controversial ESPN interview

PULLMAN, WA - We are still more than a month away from the official start to the 2013 college football season, but that doesn't mean controversy is hard to find before the first kick-off.

Washington State Football Head Coach Mike Leach threw a rock at the beehive in his appearance on ESPN's First Take Tuesday morning, when he suggested the PAC-12 has more to offer than some might think.

"I think the bottom half of the PAC-12 is better than the bottom half of the SEC," said Leach.

The quote riled up a lot of SEC fans to respond in kind to Coach Leach's thoughts on the football super conference's stature in his eyes. He later went on to say, "There's no teams in the PAC-12 that are just awful."

While the egos of those in the SEC may be bruised by the frank candor of the Cougs coach, those comments don't properly reflect the context of the full conversation.

Leach gave credit to the idea that the best in the SEC are as good as their reputation suggests, but pointed out his belief that the PAC-12 offers more talent among the lower tier teams of the conference. Of course, we'll all get to see if he's right when the Cougs take on Auburn on the road at end of next month.