NAIA attendance slightly dropped from past years

LEWISTON, ID - The attendance at this year's Avista NAIA World Series didn't break any records, but was still a number to be proud of.

It certainly helped that the Warriors made it as far as they did, seeing as the only time attendance was in the thousands was when they were playing. Total attendance for this year's tournament was 31,640 which ranks 19th on the all time list. Series Director Brooke Cushman has an easy explanation as to why numbers slightly dropped.

"Iffy weather, questionable weather," said Cushman. "I mean I don't blame people for not wanting to come outside or wait it out or sit out when they could listen on the radio or stream it on the T-V. So, that's something we can't control and I'm just glad that people did come out and support the teams and it's always fun to watch the Warriors when they're winning."

With the way the Warrior program seems to be headed, it feels like the attendance record could easily be broken next year.