No lack of energy on the field for the WSU Cougars

PULLMAN, WA - The Cougars are taking bigger steps to get ready for the upcoming football season, and Sunday marked an extreme jump in intensity.

The Washington State football team threw on the shoulder pads and began the hitting this past weekend. Tempers flared on occasion but that's to be expected when you pit several elite athletes all together, all competing for starting jobs.

Despite the hard hits, there never seemed to be a lack of energy on the field, something Quarterback Austin Apodaca attributes to a great team conditioning effort during the summer.

"Quarterback specific workouts where we kinda' train our arms, but not too much, because Coach Leach doesn't really care if you can lift a thousand pounds, but he wants you to be able to throw the ball accurately," said Apodaca. "But we, as a team, got in really good shape. We ran a lot and we just, like I said, got in really good shape over all."

The Cougs will continue to practice at Sacajawea Junior High in Lewiston through the week as renovations are made to Martin Stadium and the surrounding buildings in Pullman.