Petrino's vision is having high-powered offense and being feared

MOSCOW, ID - After the Vandals struggled offensively all season, new Head Coach Paul Petrino is looking to turn that around.

Known for coaching some exceptional offenses, Petrino feels he can do the same at Idaho. While at Illinois and Arkansas Petrino coached five offensive players who were drafted in the 2012 draft, including four wide receivers, the most by any coach in the nation. During his press conference, Petrino talked about wanting to go back to the days of Dennis Erickson, Keith Gilbertson, and John l. Smith, when Idaho was well known and the Vandals were feared.

"The other thing, when you think of those years, was the high-powered offense. "Ya know an offense that went up and down the field, that threw the ball all over the place that made a bunch of plays and that's something that we really wanna get that excitement and that fire and that vision that people wanna come watch us and the balls goin' up and down the field and we're scorin' all kinds of points and that's something that we wanna make sure we get done."

"Ya know, being an offensive guy, I'm ready," said Cody Elenz. "I'm ready to see points on the board, I'm ready to see fans in the crowd. ya know, I'm ready for all this to happen."

In addition to offense, Petrino touched on his vision of having a pressure defense that utilizes the blitz and harasses the quarterback.