Robbins speaks on recent Warrior struggles


The LC State Warriors are prepared to head out on the road to open up an unprecedented six-game road series at Oregon Tech that gets underway on Sunday. Weather has forced the league to make the schedule change and the series may be coming at a poor time for LC.

The Warriors, about two thirds of the way through the regular season have already piled up 12 losses, something the team hasn’t done over an entire season since 2013. The Warriors have been terribly inconsistent in their approach and play through 31 games and it’s something that everyone is well aware of.

"The way we've been playing, that definitely doesn't represent the program and what we've established here,” said Coach Robbins. “We haven't been consistent in the way we've played; the weather hasn't been consistent. We're not gonna use that as a scapegoat but it has affected us somewhat. You know you're going to win some, you're gonna lose some but man, you've got to be consistent with your attitude and your effort on a daily basis, and we haven't been."

Now this upcoming series comprised of three-straight doubleheaders will feature nine innings games followed by seven inning games to cap each day’s double-dip. The Warriors will be missing a handful of key players this week including starting infielder Evan Douglas who will miss the remainder of the season with a forearm injury, but for the first time this season LCSC feels they’ve found a rhythm having practiced outside for five straight days.

"Being outside and giving them mass reps of ground balls, fly balls, some team-d stuff, some intersquad stuff with live action and it's been good,” said Coach Robbins. “You know we've had some bumps and bruises along the way but as we push forward to May, I really like this group and as soon as some things start to click with them I think you'll see a team that everybody will be real proud of."

Now for those of you eager to watch your Warriors in action, after this six-game road trip LC will return home on Friday for a four-game series with St. Kathrines College.

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