Sun Belt 2014 helps recruiting for Vandal Football Program

MOSCOW, ID - One of the best ways to form a competitive college football team is to have a coach with a solid recruiting record.

But in addition to that, being part of a notable conference can help just as much, just one of the reasons University of Idaho Head Football Coach Paul Petrino is glad he joined the program when he did. In Monday's Sun Belt Media Day, he talked about how important it will be for the University of Idaho to join the Sun Belt Conference in 2014, and how much it will help his recruiting efforts. Being part of a conference can also help the Vandals become a bowl-bound team.

"I mean it was real big...for helping for the future for recruiting," said Petrino. "It was big for the motivation of our team. It's a lot easier to go in and say we're going to try to go win a Sun Belt championship in two years. We can get into a bowl game right now but it'd be a lot easier if we're in a conference."

On a side note, only the University of Idaho Football Program will join the Sun Belt in 2014 while playing as an independent for 2013. Idaho's other sports will play in the WAC in 2013 and in the Big Sky in 2014